YOUR HEALTH BEGINS WITH YOUR WATER – Having access to healthy water is an essential holistic building block which helps to prevent a host of diseases and other health-related issues.  Many of us are unaware of what actually goes into our water.  Although, most cities with adequate infrastructure, do a decent job in cleaning our water, there are still certain elements which sneak through.  And because of this, an increasing number of people are taking this reality into consideration and turning to refined water as a healthier and cleaner alternative.  The two most common types of refined water used within the restaurant industry and by individuals today are alkaline and reverse osmosis water.



Today, many people are realizing the benefits of using refined water.  If you regularly consume meat or dairy products, then alkaline water is ideal for you.  Alkaline water has a higher pH (potential hydrogen) than regular tap water, and it helps to neutralize the acidity in the body.  This in turn helps to strengthen the immune system, properly hydrate the body and prevent disease.  This is important for those who consume animal products because their bodies will be acidic due to the animal protein consumed.



Conversely, an increasing number of people today have and are becoming vegetarians and vegans.  As a result, alkaline water is not ideal for these individuals because their body pH will already higher due to their diet which is high in fruits and vegetables.  For people who follow a holistic lifestyle, it is recommended that they consume reverse osmosis water, which is more acidic.  This may seem strange but too high of a body pH can cause digestive issues in the gut and waste issues in colon.   And for these reasons, reverse osmosis is better for consumers of holistic diets.



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