Gym Eye Candy That Ain’t So Sweet… Man… Look At Her Swollen Feet!


The Gym Drama

Many gym-goers, especially the ladies, are often painfully aware of a particular kind of ‘gym drama’; that being the stalkers and gawkers…  Now, don’t get me wrong there is nothing bad about being noticed, but being noticed for the wrong reason is another thing all together.  Although many of us like attention, most gym-goers just want to workout unmolested.

So, why all the drama?  This reality is due to the types of clothing which the majority of us squeeze into, just prior to breaking a sweat.  It all comes down to choice.  Most are vividly aware that if we wear that extremely tight shirt, pants, bra or short shorts, that we will garner the lustful stares of both sexes.  Yet still, many of us actively seek this attention openly and secretly.

On the flip-side, a good chunk of fitness fanatics choose outfits which appear to be sprayed on, simply because they are “in style”.  These individuals have no intention of soliciting longing glances or stares.  Rather, they are wearing what is deemed to be fitness appropriate.  However, regardless which class you may fall into, there is something far more serious to consider.  And that is, the startling reality that our clothes can negatively impact our health!


That’s A Killer Outfit, Literally!

Studies have proven that, by wearing tight fitness-type clothing or tight clothing in general for that matter, a person can harm their health even while professing to take care of it!  Even TIME Magazine reported back in 2015 that, wearing tight clothing may cause abdominal discomfort in men and cause the swelling of the ankles and feet in women!  But there are other graver health implications to consider.  Here is a short list of some of the negative impacts of wearing super tight apparel which shows off the body.

Negative Impacts

  1.  Restricted blood flow – Having unrestricted blood flow is kind of important, especially if you are performing cardio, lifting heavy weight or doing plyometrics.  Restrictive clothing will not only hamper blood flow, but a decrease in oxygen to the brain and heart which can result in dizziness, exhaustion, cramping and swelling of the lower extremities.  Totally counter intuitive…
  2.  Hampers Breathing – Restrictive shirts, bras and tops can hamper your ability to obtain full breaths as you workout or move around day-to-day.  And we’re not talking about a corset here!  If you put on a shirt which makes you feel like your lungs and chest are unable to expand 100%, then it may be time to change into something looser.  Tight tops may also prevent the correct exchange of gases (carbon dioxide to oxygen), thus reducing breathing efficiency.  The result of which would be a build of poisonous carbon dioxide in the body, which, will cause you to look older and not younger.  Again, totally counter intuitive!
  3. Varicose Veins – Most of us don’t want to have legs which appear to have long worm-like veins popping out.  But this is yet another sad reality of wearing tight apparel on the legs.  The scientific explanation is this…  Because of the restrictiveness of tight pants, such as workout pants and skinny jeans, blood pressure can build up in the legs, which result in those not too sexy varicose veins!  Well, perhaps not so scientific, but somehow, abs and varicose veins don’t seem to fit, do they?
  4.  Lower Sperm Count – Yes, even the men are not immune to the skinny jean phenomenon!  But beware guys, those skinny jeans may prevent blood flow to the family jewels down below.  And thereby impact your ability to have kids.  Not to mention that in some cases, those uber-tight jeans can land you in emergency surgery; suffering from testicular torsion.  Really?  For the sake of fashion?
  5.  Digestion Woes – Tight belts and pants can negatively impact the digestion process. Ever wondered why some people suffer from heartburn or acid reflux?  Believe it or not, it could very well be their pants.  The pressure on the midsection, after eating, can cause stomach acid to travel back up the esophagus.  This is due largely because the stomach has no room to expand.  Why do this to yourself?
  6.  Gential Infections – Both men and women are at risk here.  For men, tight restrictive pants and shorts can foster negative changes, not only in the pain department but also in  a lowered sperm count and quality.  For women, tight leggings, pants, shorts and even underwear can produce the perfect tropical climate for fungal growth and bacteria.  Definitely not good!
  7.  Back Pain – Yes, even back pain.  Tight shirts and bras can prevent the muscles in the upper torso from relaxing.  The end result is an overexertion  of the muscles as they may not have a chance to relax.  I guess the solution then would be to pop a pill for the pain?  Not wise…
  8. Disease – Poor blood circulation can result in lymphatic disease.   Lymphatic disease may present itself as mild congestion to malignant lymphoma (cancer).  Because tight fitting clothing prevents fluid circulation, it also depresses the body’s first line of defense against disease and infection.  Additionally, itchiness is another warning sign that your apparel may be too tight.  In women, this ignored symptom in the front upper torso may be an early warning of breast cancer.  Yikes!

So, Is It Really Worth It?

If you still believe that wearing super tight clothing is okay, even after reading this article, then there is not much to be said.  Consider the risks and weigh your options.  There are many awesome alternative fashion ideas out there which will promote health and vigor.  Why choose disease and discomfort?  Your body is living temple.  Treat it with respect and  take care of it.   Otherwise, you will pay for it later or significantly reap the benefits.  Make the most of your health and wellness today by dressing for comfort.



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