15 Ways Fitness Experts Keep You Accountable


Keeping You Accountable

Stats reveal that many who have purchased a gym membership, don’t even use it.  Despite the fact that most gyms automatically charge their clientele each month, these clients simply pay without stepping a foot inside their gym.  This is awesome revenue for these facilities because it is pretty much free money.  And in fact, many large gyms count on this reality!

The average large gym facility will continue to sell gym memberships to anyone who wishes to sign up, because they know that between 60-80 percent of those people will stop coming, but continue to pay within 5 months!!!  And usually it is the ladies who fall off of the fitness wagon first (sorry ladies…)  In an atmosphere of disloyalty, how can anything else be expected?  It can’t…

Perhaps you have purchased a gym membership in the past and can testify to this reality.  Many lose the motivation and drive to continue because there is no one keeping them accountable.  And it’s not just laziness, but often also inexperience and an unfamiliarity in workout exercises which causes many to become bored and plateau.

However, a fitness expert can keep one motivated and accountable; to themselves, to their goals and to their health.  Here are a few ways in which a fitness specialist can benefit you, either in person or through virtual training.

A Fitness Expert Will:

  1. Customize a structured functional training program which will facilitate faster results
  2. Make exercise adjustments in light of physical inabilities and injuries
  3. Create a program appropriate to your fitness level and adjust as needed
  4. Provide tips, corrections and assistance while you perform exercises
  5. Prevent injuries and muscle strain
  6. Provide a variety of custom workouts to prevent boredom and plateauing
  7. Motivate, encourage and inspire you to work harder and keep going
  8. Ensure that your workout is followed to prevent cheating
  9. Check in and follow up with you in and outside of scheduled training times
  10. Track, measure and chart your progress on a weekly and monthly basis
  11. Provide an outlet for stress, depression, boredom, fear and anxiety
  12. Provide life coaching and healthier living options
  13. Be personable and care about your well being and goals
  14. Encourage a positive outlook and a can-do attitude.
  15. Help you surpass your fitness goals


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