Online Personal Training & Onsite Fitness Conveniently Save You Time & $$$



The Convenience Of Flexibility

In a world where time is such a valued commodity, many are turning to innovative ways in which to manage it.  It’s difficult enough to drag yourself to the gym, early in the morning or after a long day at the office.  And those with small children often find time management a challenge.  But all is not lost…  There are solutions for those on the go.

An increasing number of people in today’s world are turning to onsite and online training services.  The reason?  Because it saves them both time and money.  Having the convenience of getting in a workout, in the comfort of your home and without having to fight traffic or other people for machines at the local gym, is definitely an asset for those with hectic schedules.


More Cost Effective

Not only is time saved by utilizing onsite and online fitness programs, but the cost per hour is lower than what you would expect from your local gym.  Typically, the cost per hour can be anywhere from $10-$40+ less per hour.  And that is huge in today’s economy.  This translates into a savings averaging between $120-$480+ per month!  Of course, this does not factor in what one would also save on gas and travel.

The workout which an onsite service can provide is equal to what one would expect to receive at a boutique fitness establishment.  However, they reap the benefits of a customized and a tailored fitness program.  Large machines are not necessary in order to experience a challenging workout plan, geared to reach your goals.  The determining factor of course is working with a knowledgeable fitness expert who can provide creative workouts, even in limited spaces.


Online Fitness Training

This revolutionary training method has been around and has evolved over the past 10 years.  However, there are a few online solutions which stand out.  Online fitness platforms such as Fitness Builder are a convenient training solution for those on the go.  They provide flexibility and convenience for those who may be too shy to workout in front of others and in the same manner benefits those who possess enough motivation and commitment to a workout plan.

When linked directly to a fitness expert, this solution not only can keep one committed but also accountable to their fitness goals.  This is a viable option for those who desire a personal trainer, but don’t want to fork out the cash for one.  And for those who’s schedule is so unpredictable, that they are unable to commit to a standard in-gym or onsite fitness schedule.  Or simply for those looking for convenience.

Not only are the savings huge with this option (typically saving $50-100+ per session), but the way in which this service is delivered is cool!  The flexibility to exercise, whenever and  wherever you want, is a nice added bonus, as fitness programs are delivered directly to most mobile devices. And while many of these services can deliver workouts to any smartphone, table or PC, only a few also can deliver to smart watches such as Apple Watch (in image above).

And we aren’t talking about images of a workout to perform with accompanying text, but quality exercise videos including voice instruction.  Typically, many of these types of programs also include real-time stats tracking and trainer followup.  So, it’s easy to get a customized workout in while on a business trip or even on vacation!  And thus, certainly saving you both time and $$$!

For more info about how online fitness works, click here.



Flexible and Affordable Fitness Training HERE

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