Sleep! Got To Get It!


If You Workout, You Need Sleep! Here’s Why…

If you’re like most people then you love to stay up late. Also like most people, you probably have a job that requires you to get up early. But if you’re reading this article then you obviously lift, right!?! Here’s the top 5 reasons why sleep is important for fitness and why you need to incorporate some more sleep into your life.

Reason #1: Muscle Is Built While You Sleep

So as I’ve mentioned before in a previous article entitled does sleep help build muscle, it is actually during the sleep cycle that our muscles rebuild.

The act of working out rebuilds the muscles and then only through proper diet and recovery does the muscle grow back bigger and stronger. Getting a good night’s sleep ensures that your body is able to build muscle as best as it can.

Reason #2: Lack Of Sleep Makes You Eat More

The sleeping body takes less food to run than a fully awake one. For this reason, when you are awake more hours in the day your body will require more food.

The number that you see in the infographic above was actually from a WebMD article. I wasn’t there for the trial when they got that average number of calories but I can say from experience that it seems like an accurate number.

Reason #3: Sleep Loss Impacts Your Metabolism

Sleep loss negatively impacts your metabolism. By getting a good night’s sleep you allow your digestive system to work better and your metabolism to run faster.

Reason #4: Digestion Is Disrupted With Lack Of Sleep

I personally experience irregularity when I don’t sleep well, so I had to research this and include it in the infographic. I personally don’t like irregularity, especially when I’m trying to lose weight because it makes my weight fluctuate too much on a daily basis.

Reason #5: Being Tired Makes It Harder To Workout

Lack of sleep will negatively impact your fitness journey on a multi-level front. Not only will you not build optimal muscle but you will eat more food, not absorb the nutrients and finally you won’t put in as much effort at the gym. If that doesn’t make you want to get to bed early I don’t know what will.


Get More Sleep and Exercise

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