Stress. The Sleep Robber!

August 2, 2017

Are You Stressed? STRESS!!! Yes, I’m sure you are aware that stress is a sleep robber, but outside of all those stressful thoughts running through your mind at night not allowing you to shut down, there are also more physical reasons as to why you cannot get to sleep. When we have chronic stress (stress […]

Why Am I Bloated?

June 26, 2017

  WHY AM I BLOATED?  If you are experiencing a lot of gas, but especially bloating in the stomach, it’s definitely something to address and take seriously.  I really believe that food is our medicine along with following the other natural laws of health.  If we are not digesting well, that means our body is […]

Bad Breath: Surprising Facts

May 30, 2017

  BAD BREATH: Or ‘halitosis’ is a problem that plagues many more people then we think.  First thing to note is that generally the problem is not coming from the mouth.  It’s usually coming from the gut.  Digestion is key to optimal health, so when we can fix digestion, we can usually overcome most any […]

Client Praise

See what our clients are saying!

Anna Antropova

Derwin is really great! He motivates you just the right way – without being overly intimidating. I love the morning classes with him – it is intense, it is fun, it is all you need to get your day started in the right mode! Highly recommend to everyone!

Anna Antropova
Mark Kelley

One thing I’ve never done is workout with a group. I’ve always been working out on my own and I love working out with the group.  You get great support from everyone here.  And when you find yourself sagging a little, there’s always someone to back you up and to push you a little harder.  And I love that about this group here!

Mark Kelley
Mira Cameron

The Boot camp is intense and gets you going first thing in the morning! Our trainer  provides attentive, knowledgeable support, with great energy and good vibes!  I’m hooked!

Mira Cameron