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The Benefits Of Negative Ions

December 6, 2017

  NEGATIVE IONS:  What are negative ions?  According to the Underground Health Reporter “(negative ions) are electrically charged particles that attach themselves to damaging free radicals and thereby protect you from their negative effects”  Where do you find these negative ions?  Anywhere you find moving water.  So beaches, waterfalls, rushing rivers etc.  But you don’t […]


October 12, 2017

Are you looking for a healthier breakfast or dessert option?  I know that I’m always game for anything sweet!  Well, here’s a great recipe that I use and love.  And I think that you’ll love it too!   USEFUL INFO: Prep Time: 5 min Cook Time: 10 Min Ready Time: 15 Min Serves 3   […]


September 19, 2017

CRANBERRIES- POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT & HEALING FOR URINARY INFECTIONS (UTI’s): With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s not doubt that turkey and cranberry sauce will grace many a table. Truthfully, though, cranberry sauce, cooked down with all that sugar has little nutrients left in them.  However, fresh or even frozen cranberries contain one of the highest amounts […]

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Aurica Negru

I trained with Present Truth Fitness for some time and all I have to say, is that they are awesome trainers and great people. I love the fact that they make training enjoyable but very effective.

Aurica Negru
Mark Kelley

One thing I’ve never done is workout with a group. I’ve always been working out on my own and I love working out with the group.  You get great support from everyone here.  And when you find yourself sagging a little, there’s always someone to back you up and to push you a little harder.  And I love that about this group here!

Mark Kelley
Mira Cameron

The Boot camp is intense and gets you going first thing in the morning! Our trainer  provides attentive, knowledgeable support, with great energy and good vibes!  I’m hooked!

Mira Cameron